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Powerful Gaming PC

Lighthouse, Hamilton, Southampton, Bermuda       January 21, 2019
  • Powerful Gaming PC
  • Powerful Gaming PC
  • Powerful Gaming PC
  • Powerful Gaming PC
This is a computer capable of running all next-gen games including VR on ultra settings at +60fps, also running games on high settings at 1440p resolution. The CPU allows the boot up time of the PC to be less than 5 seconds and easily multitask with minimal delay.
Costs over $1500 to build and even more when shipped into Bermuda. Trying to sell fast as i am a student and want to downgrade to a laptop for university.
contact my email for questions and call for viewing.
PC Specs:

Intel i5-6600K @3.5Ghz (Unlocked/Overclockable)
16Gb Corsair Ram 2333Hz
MSI GTX 1070 GPU @1.62Hz
Corsair H100i v2 CPU Liquid Cooler
NZXT s340 Case
AOC 24' Widescreen Monitor (Separately)
Publisher Private Seller
Item(s) Used
Selling Terms For Sale
Price 900
Name Brandon O
Phone 505-1888

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