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Miscellaneous Construction Equipment

Saint George's, Bermuda       April 26, 2015
Steel Plates, Stowe Road Cutting Saw, StoneTampers, Rammers, Metal Woodworking Bench, Traffic Lights, Orange Round and Rectangle Traffic Barriers, Assorted PVC Grey Pipe, Broom wade Concrete Mixers, Shop Compressor, 10 ton Air Assisted Jack, Assorted Shop Tools, Kubota KH60, Excavator, Jackhammers, 2 Cedar Doors.

Steel Plates 4'X8' I/4", 1/2" and 1" $450 each
Stowe Road Cutting Saw, with Diamond Blade $1000
StoneTampers, Rammers $500 ea.
Metal Woodworking Bench 5' X 2' 9" $450
Traffic Lights (UK) Portable. $3000.00
Orange Round and Rectangle Traffic Barriers 54 units total $50ea
Assorted PVC Grey Pipe 6", 4' and 2". offers
Broom wade Concrete Mixers (2) spare parts only. $500.00
Shop Compressor,$350
10 ton Air Assisted Jack needs seals. $500
Assorted Shop Tools
Kubota KH60, Excavator, Good Engine, Machine needs work good yard on light work unit. $2500
Jackhammers (Air operated) $450 each
2 Cedar Doors 8 light-3' X 7' X 2" $500ea.

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