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Hurricane/Storm Shutters

Smith's, Bermuda       May 22, 2016
  • Hurricane/Storm Shutters
  • Hurricane/Storm Shutters
  • Hurricane/Storm Shutters
  • Hurricane/Storm Shutters
  • Hurricane/Storm Shutters
These shutters are commonly referred to as roll up or rolling shutters. They consist of serveral slats that form a protective curtain with both sides inserted into guide rails. To operate the shutter is rolled onto an axle covered by durable aluminum housing.

Rolling shutters are operated manually by turning a handle inside the house. All hurricane shutters require special techniques that allow emergency personnel such as firefighters or paramedics to enter the home even if the shutters are closed.

Roll down shutters offer many benefits to the homeowner. They are a good option for those that would like more control over the lighting and temperature inside the home while blocking the view from outside. They are also hurricane rated shutters that can help protect your home during heavy storms or hurricanes. Available in a wide range of sizes and made of strong durable materials to ensure long lasting durability.

1. 3'4" x 4'6"
2.3'9" x 5'7"
3. 4'2" x 5'2"
4. 6'8" x 7'6"
5. 7'9" x 5'8"

Please call for viewing and prices vary by size.
Tim McKittrick
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