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Traveller's Palms

Hamilton, Bermuda       December 7, 2015
  • Traveller's Palms
  • Traveller's Palms
  • Traveller's Palms
Traveller’s Palms (Ravenala madagascariensis) for sale. These plants are rare in Bermuda because viable seed is not easy to find, germination periods are lengthy, and seedlings grow slowly. These are genuine Traveller’s Palms and not the less attractive Giant Bird-of-Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai).

Plants are 10 months old, approx. 30 cm tall, in 1 gallon pots.

$40 each

Please email Sam at
Publisher Private Seller
Item(s) New
Name Sam
Phone 293-1404

1 Discussions

Janie Hollis January 1, 2016

Hi Sam,
I know this might sound stupid to people but those palms look like they should be more than $40 each, if they are rare.

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