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***Magic The Gathering (MTG) cards for sale***

Southampton, Bermuda       September 5, 2015

***Magic The Gathering (MTG) cards for sale***

I have six (6) large thick binders, several 'Fat Pack' boosters boxes, and multiple starter packs all filled with hundreds of Magic The Gathering (MTG) cards going back several years. I also have loads of various decks boxes, some with pre-constructed decks for casual 1v1 play, as well as card sleeves and dice. Most of the cards start out from the "Shards of Alara" set going forward, but I do have cards from much older sets.

I am selling the cards as I no longer have any use for them. I would like to sell the whole lot at once, starting at $1,000 OBO, rather then selling individual cards. Interested parties can email

Its a great game for kids and adults. The link below will show you all you need to know about one of the most popular card games in the world: ;

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